Evo-Silver screen 3D. 80"-300"

 4K Evo-Silverscreen 3D. Extremely well in bright indoor environment.


92" home Cinema screen                     180" screen in store

This new type of screen is very well suited for bright environments, and can not be compared against

the white or gray projection screen. The fabric eliminates disturbing light indoors. Even good picture

performance with low light projectors with natural colors and high blackness. For shopping centers

galleries, airports and others. Affordable solution with our step-laser hybrid projector solution that is

maintenance free with 6000-7000ansi with 20,000 burning hours with timer control for on-off.


4K resolution on curved screen          4K. 2.35:1 perforatded 3D curved screen

We can supply curved or flat screen with the desired size and radius with perforated silver cloth with 0.8mm hole

in the canvas to place speakers behind the screen and the sound comes out of the picture that is incredibly

rewarding effect. Connect to the powerful subwoofer and you have the optimal picture and sound out of the picture.


Faint ledprojektor 500lumen    Tests white cloth against 4K Evo Silver Screen

Price examples for 92 "Fixed Frame 4K canvas 2 - 3D 968 Euro excluding shipping costs. Europe's best price.